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A nft roadmap is a strategic planning tool used to define desired outcomes, milestones, and high-level tasks to bring a product to market. Although not all successful nft projects require one, we strive to set a goal and an intention to bring credibility to our project.
Professor bunny

2024 Roadmap

Q1 2024

Q3 2022

Q3 2024

Q4 2024

Please note that few elements could change the order of these priorities, including market stability or community feedback. In addition, it must be understood that this roadmap are above all projections that we make to the best of our abilities but which are subject to many potential disturbances. We aim for each phase of Bunnies Heist to be completed on time. The following roadmap provides an overview of the main steps to come. We cannot guarantee the future of blockchain with certainty and therefore cannot be held responsible for any profitable public investment by users and investors.
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Smart and unscrupulous, Professor Bunny will do what it takes to reach his target.

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